Golf Leagues maintains your golfer roster allowing your administrator to easily setup online registration, pairings and game options for each outing. LeaderboardKing makes life easy.


LeaderboardKing will give your tournament or group outing the look and feel of a PGA event. You'll stand out with online registration, payment collection, live scoring, and other professional features.

Buddy Trips

Save your time to spend with your buddies

We built Leaderboardking because our own buddy trip started with 16 golfers and now is over 90 golfers. It took so long to plan and score the event, we had to do something, and since most of our team is Technology Professionals, that something was software. After 3 years of work, we got it done and LeaderboardKing is a reality.

Leverage our software and you can make your buddy trip one of the best golfing experiences your group has ever had. can book the entire event for you including securing the golf course and rooms needed to accommodate your guests, and facilitate all payments/registration and coordination with the golf course.

Then you can enjoy your trip and all the feature rich functionality that comes with LeaderboardKing software.

Buddy Trip Information

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