At LeaderboardKing, our goal is to deliver the most comprehensive and easy-to-use handicapping, scoring and leaderboard systems to the golfing community. Developed by golfers in Jacksonville, FL to run our own events, you can be assured that we have designed all functionality with ease-of-use as our driving focus. Whether an individual golfer, annual charity tournament, weekly golf league/association, Buddy Trip or a PGA Professional, LeaderboardKing is guaranteed to improve your Golf-Life experiences.

Our Story

LeaderboardKing is golf software that was created by IT people who love golf. While running leagues and buddy trips for over 20 years (in Jacksonville, FL), it took hours to score each round accurately on sophisticated spreadsheets. Now, results are live and final results calculated quickly thus saving hours of time and manual counting. The system allows a coach, golf league manager, or tour operator to quickly put up events, online registration, payment collect and of course live hole-by-hole scoring. One of our best trademarks, is that our LBK System does NOT require the download of an ‘app’ for use. This is critical in saving a device’s battery time, while playing a 4-6 hour round of golf (or more).

College Golf

LeaderboardKing loves college golf and we are gladly helping to promote the transparency of the game. Our live scoring is creating a more competitive internal qualifying environment, while also allowing for family, friends and fans to follow golfer’s progress. Additionally, when using our live-scoring for team and individual tournaments, college programs can raise additional revenue by displaying sponsor logos on their custom leaderboards and scorecards. Please contact us to add your team.

What college coaches are saying:

"Phenomenal job! You made things so much easier on our end, this was the smoothest and easiest live scoring we have ever had."

College Golf

Pro Tours

Cost: $500 (12 or less events), $750 (13-20 events), $1500 (20+ events)

LeaderboardKing allows for pro tour directors to seamlessly manage their events from beginning to end while keeping overhead to a minimum. As an example, the Pros Fore Pros tour is currently being run by the players themselves. All they need to provide for each event is a Rules Official. The Result: More money being paid out to the golfers.

College Golf

Junior Tours

Cost: $500 (12 or less events), $750 (13-20 events), $1500 (20+ events)

The LBK System allows a tour administrator to quickly setup a season of events. Online registration captures the necessary information: Golfer name, Parent’s name, Contact information, Age, Gender, current handicap/playing ability, Graduation Year, etc. Friends and family simply access the Leaderboard via a direct line to follow live hole-by-hole scoring online. Historical results are kept and can be referred to at any time.

College Golf

Buddy Trips

Cost: $150 per trip (typically 3-4 days)

The reason our software was built….to manage our awesome Buddy Trips. We have used our own software to manage events for over 25 years. Individual play, team games, proximities, skins, Match Play, Point Quota, Multi-Round standings….the formulas became too complex even for the most sophisticated spreadsheet. So…our team programmed functionality for our needs. Our software allows for Buddy Trip games to be built well ahead of time. Pairings, Games, Scorecards, Cart Signs can all be prepared before the first tee goes in the ground or the first beer is popped. When the last group walks off #18 green, the games are determined. No building spreadsheets, no comparing scorecards to determine skins. It is done. Your Group gets to enjoy a professional event feel and your Group Organizers get to enjoy themselvesl!!

College Golf

Charity Tournaments

Cost: $200 per event

A major timesaver for the event organizer. LeaderboardKing manages online registration, payment collection, pairings, Cart Signs, games, online scorecards, live Leaderboards. We provide room on your Leaderboard for two Title Sponsors and 18 other slots, one for each hole, on our online scorecard. That is room for 20 sponsors for your event. Find a company to sponsor the Live-Scoring and you are using LBK for free!!

College Golf


Cost: $500 (12 or less events), $750 (13-20 events), $1500 (20+ events)

Manage your leagues and MGA events. Create Events well ahead of time, setup Online Registration, Pairings, Automated Emails to the group, Handicap Management, Proximities, Net/Gross Skins, Unlimited Games with a leaderboard for each game. Scoring Stats and more. We also offer a Season-Long points standings (similar to Fed-Ex Standings) that get calculated automatically after every event to help you maintain interest for the entire season. We even have a method for awarding Participation Points to reward dedication.

College Events

LeaderboardKing is proud to be involved with college golf. We provide a full range of college tournament live scoring features including downloadable data exports that can be submitted directly to Clippd and WAGR. For the latest scores from college events using LBK, click below.

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